To Become Chennai’s leading Center for Urology

Our mission is to become a center of excellence for urology. Our medical team of urologist in Chennai are on a serious mission to eradicate the scary epidemic of urinary health issues that affect the people in Chennai.

We are striving to be the best hospital for kidney stone treatment in Chennai in the long run. We also have expert doctors who handle complex prostate issues, urinary incontinence and host of other urological conditions.

Our urology doctors are highly trained doctors from the USA and UK who are experts in handling patients with renal stones. Our medical experts are specifically trained well in kidney stone laser treatment. We also use this German laser technology in treating an enlarged prostate and few other specific conditions where feasible. Experience the difference with us today.

An untreated Kidney Stone can lead to renal failure

Scientific studies have clearly shown that kidney stones are associated with both chronic kidney disease and in some cases severe end stage renal failure. The larger the kidney stone the worse the clinical outcomes in general. Never ever delay getting a kidney stone treatment. Get a kidney stone removal done at the earliest.