Our Vision – To Make Chennai Kidney Stone Free

We have crazy dreams. We are urology doctors who were brought up in the beautiful Chennai city. At the Laser kidney stone clinic at T-Nagar and Laser Kidney stone clinic, Thoraipakkam we want to help the people of Chennai get rid of stones with the help of our patented laser treatment for kidney stone!. Not just kidney stones, but gallbladder stones, urinary bladder stones and absolutely any type of pesky stone that lowers your quality of life.

Our urology doctor in Chennai are also extremely well trained and proficient in handling the whole spectrum of urological disorders, ranging from prostate issues, urinary incontinence, urological malignancies, and other urinary health conditions. We have been in clinical operations for over a decade now and we have successfully treated 10,000’s of patients with complicated urological disorders.

Kidney Stone Affects 12% of all men

That’s the honest truth. Kidney stones affect men all around the globe. The incidence of the disease is more in countries which are hot

Kidney Stone Affects 6% of all women

However, recent studies suggest that kidney stone may affect women more than men in general. The incidence of end stage renal failure is also rising all around the globe when patients do not get there stone removed

50% of the time the kidney stone will return

Regardless of whether you get a treatment for kidney stone or not, the risk of getting a stone again after you are diagnosed with it is about 50%

Most of the time the cause of kidney stone is not known

Again , that is all we know!, While kidney stone incidence is highest in the age group of 30 to 40 and is well associated with poor hydration status we really do not know what triggers a stone formation. Moreover that is exactly what we are trying to find out at the Laser Kidney Stone clinic

An unidentified or untreated kidney stone is a very common of cause of pain the sides coupled with burning pain while passing urine and nauseous sensation. Not all stones require a surgical approach and most kidney stone removal can be easily performed with medical management or using a simple non-invasive laser-based technology.

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