Kidney Stones removal in teenagers

Kidney stone in Teens

Kidney stones were very rare among children or teens and is now increasingly common. The annual incidence of kidney stones has gone up in the recent years and has almost doubled in children. In contrast to the more common occurrence of kidney stones in men than in women during middle age, teenage girls have a higher rate of kidney stone occurrence than boys of the same age group.

Kidney Stones removal in teenagers

How to diagnose kidney stones?

Kidney stone pain can be crippling in nature. But, how to diagnose kidney stones if you suspect one correctly? Well, I have briefly outlined the various symptoms that a kidney stone causes. Severe pain on the sides Kidney stones cause severe pain on the sides or flanks. This pain can radiate downwards into the groin region as…


How to avoid a kidney stone?

Since in over 25 to 30 percent of patients a recurrence of kidney stone’s is commonly seen. The best way to avoid a kidney stone is then by following specific dietary habits sincerely. Researchers still do not know exactly as to why kidney stones occur. The kidney stone problem is among the oldest diseases in the world.